How to Make Tea with Instant Tea Premix?

instant tea premixesTea is favourite drink for many irrespective of which part of the world people are in. Apart from its many useful health benefits, it is a refreshing to have a cup of tea and relax for some moments. The other thing is that now you can buy an instant tea premix and enjoy a cup of tea anytime you want.

How to make tea using these instant premixes?

Making tea using these premixes is quite an easy task. You just need to boil a cup of water and add the premix to it which already has sugar and milk in it. Just stir it and your cup of tea is ready! Apart from making tea manually, you can also use different vending machines which make the task even easier.

Vending Machines for Making Tea

These vending machines are quite useful and you will often see them at public places and in offices.  In office environment these machines are especially useful since you can make a cup of tea quickly and get back to work. Thus such machines help in improving productivity of employees by manifolds.

In-Cup Vending: Most common type of these vending machines are the in-cup ones where you just need to place the cup inside the vending machine and job of mixing hot water with tea premix is done by the machine itself.

Various Types of Premixes to Suit Individual Needs

The benefit of using instant tea premix is that these provide you with a variety of options to choose from depending upon your health goals. Some of the available options include:

  • Premix with Balanced Sugar: These fall in the category of premium range with a balanced sugar ratio which can be used by everyone.
  • Premix Low on Sugar: Another type of tea premix which is available in the market caters to health conscious people who keep a close watch on their daily calorie intake.
  • Tea Premix with No Sugar: If you are trying to avoid sugar intake then this type of premix is best suited for you since they do not contain any sugar.

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