1) How do I know I am Buying the Right Service & products ?
Now whether you may Buy our service or not, is not relevant.

This page is specifically created to help Anyone looking to Buy a Vending machine make the Right, Technically Sound, Honest and hassle free decisions.

It is unfortunate that over past few years anybody and everybody, who has No technical background and understanding of Engineering and Food Sciences, have blindly and blatantly entered this very critical industry for a Quick buck.

They have not understood the intricate details of how the machines are manufactured, how they need to be serviced, what kind of a full service provision is vending machine operation all about.

They act and behave like typical traders with no understanding of products and after sale services to be provided, no infrastructure in place for the same. Thus when the only after a few months of selling the machine, they disappear with the customers fuming, and blaming the Industry as a Whole.

We request all Buyers to verify diligently the background of the Vendor & Specifically the Products being supplied.

2) How do I know what to check and How to verify if the Vendor is a competent service provider?
We are listing down the key check points that you mandatory should ask for while asking for a Quote.

  • VAT TIN no.
  • FSSAI License
  • Products Laboratory Test Certificate
  • Packaging in Food Grade LD/PPE Aluminized Foil.
  • Nutritional facts displayed on the Packets
  • Batch no & Date of Manufacture
  • Exact complete address details of the place of manufacturing
  • Yield (no.of Cups) / Kg of the Products.

There are very few Professional & Ethical vendors which will be able to meet all these Points.
And they will be more than happy to share these details with a client.

Please understand that We are dealing with Food & Edible daily consumption products. Most vendors of Good Repute will never compromise on the Product Quality front.
This means their products may be Priced a bit higher, but technically absolutely Safe and Quality Assured.

3) How do I understand the difference between cheaper packets & Costlier packets?
This becomes even more interesting. The below Presentation will open your Eyes.
A small comparative is being provided.

  • Go Pro Insta (Premium Grade) = Rs.295/- kg (current price) = Rs.3.68/- per cup.
  • Lipton / Nestle Brand = Rs.310 /- kg Yield Per kg (55 cups of 80 ml) = 310 / 55 = Rs.5.63/- per full cup.
  • All other Brands = Rs.265/- to 280/- per kg Yield per kg (45 to 50 Cups of 80 ml) = 265 / 50 = Rs.5.30/-

Therefore, All other brands may be cheaper at face value but are costing you 30% to 35% Extra.

Also further their Quality and taste is compromised.

Further to this even with the lower Yield (thus costlier cup), most brands or Premixes will taste very pathetic.

A famous saying has evolved within the clients (Vending machine Chai / Coffee is never nice).

This is again purely because these manufacturers don’t have the right technical knowhow and don’t use the Best Raw materials.

In fact the Good veterans of this industry always have a 100% natural product, which will actually taste much better than freshly brewed beverages.

Don’t believe us; you should Call for a proper taste demo of all the products before Buying the Service.

4) I just need to cater this to Staff & laborers, why should I bother, I just need a Very Very Cheap product?
We understand your concern and frame of mind. But we request you to again go through the above financial workings chart, the costlier products on face Value, are technically much cheaper, than the cheaper face Value products.

Also We humbly request anyone and everyone, these are Food products, that you or your Staff may consume, why compromise on their Safety & Health. On human & ethical grounds don’t force this upon them, and also in turn on some Vendor.

We are very sure that this will Help you make the Right Choice.
Help us create a Ethical Eco System for this wonderful technology and Service to grow.

Help us promote Swadeshi products, they are genuinely better than the Rest.