Hot Comfort is the most trusted service provider for tea / coffee / hot beverage vending machines in the industry.

Since 15 years, the sole motto of the company has remained to deliver highest quality products and timely services. Our sincere & focused efforts have resulted into us growing multi-fold year after year.

At present we deal in automatic beverage vending machines & consumables in instant pre-mixed powder form, catering to all segments of clients.

Automatic beverage vending machines, designed by us with careful and in depth study of the local and global market requirements, have evolved over the time into a latest & state of the art digital technology based product with almost zero failure rate.

Models available with us range from basic economical machines to very high end machines, with almost all features a user can ever think of.

Our machines truly live up to its mark of :-
User friendly operations
Easy serviceability
Availability of variety of beverages instantly
Utmost hygiene
Cost effectiveness
Saving of manpower and man hours
Control over consumption
Ergonomical design to fit with contemporary office looks, makes our machine the best choice.

Now our premix front, we simply cannot stop talking about how we are truly the most innovative, technologically advanced, most dynamic, FDA certified, internationally acclaimed manufacturer of instant water soluble beverages, & carry the largest portfolio of products.

It makes great business sense to rely on our trusted and honest opinion for your Tea / Coffee / Hot beverages solutions.

We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of coffee vending machine. We also offer wide range of premixes including masala tea, cardamom tea, lemon grass tea, plain tea, varieties of black tea with fruit flavours, plain coffee, vanilla coffee, cardamom coffee, cinnamon coffee, mocha coffee, black sweetend coffee, hot chocolate, cappuccino, dry fruit milk, masala milk (Ukala) etc.