5 Outstanding Advantages of Instant Tea Premixes

Use of instant tea premixes is a hot trend these days. Since the studies have found that instant tea share the same health benefits as conventional tea, tea vending machines are getting popular and more people are preferring to drink instant tea.

Read here 5 outstanding advantages of instant tea premixes to get a clear idea:

1. Less preparation time: Biggest advantage of using instant tea premix to make tea is that it takes very less time to prepare as compared to the conventional tea. In conventional tea making, you have to find all the ingredients and then add them one by one. This whole process takes a lot of time whereas, in case of instant tea, you just have to add the premix in the hot water and stir it very well to get a perfect cup of tea.

2. Health advantages: Everyone is becoming so health conscious these days. Keeping that in mind, instant tea premixes are made healthy by mixing certain herbs that are good for health. For example, lemongrass tea premix has a very refreshing aroma and fights indigestion, cold, fever, stomach ache etc. Mint tea has an aroma that soothes your mind, improves immune system and helps you lose the weight. Ginger tea is rich in antioxidants and lower risk of heart diseases. Keeping every customer in mind, balanced sugar, low sugar and without sugar premixes are also made available in the market by manufacturers.

3. Emergency: The way instant tea premixes comes to your rescue in emergency situations cannot be ignored. When you are extremely busy or suddenly hungry or need energy or surprise guests arrived at home, making tea with premix is a far better option than preparing the time consuming conventional tea. It is very easy to carry the instant tea premix, hence you can carry small packets of premix on road trips, vacations, outings etc. and make tea anytime anywhere.

4. Different flavors of tea: These days instant tea premixes are available in different flavors other than conventional flavors which might one reason behind its rising popularity. They have masala tea, cardamom tea, lemon grass tea, ginger tea, mint tea, plain tea, chai latte, lemon tea etc. All these different tea varieties have different essence, taste, aroma, and sweetness. People seem more interested in buying instant tea premixes to refine their tea drinking experience.

5. Cost-effective and easy to dispose: The cost of making tea with premix is far lower as compared to the combined cost of tea powder, milk, and sugar which makes it highly cost-effective. No residue is generated while making tea using instant tea premix as opposed to conventional tea where you have to dispose tea powder residue.